Overview of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the granddaddy of professional/business networking sites, but its usefulness goes far beyond showcasing resumes. These days, endorsements and recommendations, news, interest groups, and job listings have become part of LinkedIn’s offerings, some for free and some as premium features.

  • What is LinkedIn? - LinkedIn focuses on professional networking and Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions, featuring resumes, networking features, and company pages.
  • Setting up a LinkedIn Account - LinkedIn is a social network with a focus on professional networking, warm leads, skills endorsements, and business referrals.
  • Networking Through LinkedIn - Built into LinkedIn’s platform are many ways to network with other professionals.
  • Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile - Enhance your LinkedIn profile by posting videos, graphics, photographs, and blog posts.
  • Starting a LinkedIn Group - Like Facebook, LinkedIn offers Groups or forums where conversations can happen between members. The big difference is LinkedIn’s focus on business.