Overview of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the granddaddy of professional/business networking sites, but its usefulness goes far beyond hosting resumes. These days, endorsements, news, interest groups and even classes have become part of the LinkedIn scene.

  • What is LinkedIn? - LinkedIn focuses on professional networks, featuring a resume page, photographs and referral system.
  • Setting up a LinkedIn Account - LinkedIn is a social network but with a focus on professional networking, warm leads, skill endorsements and business referrals.
  • Networking Through LinkedIn - Email, Facebook and Twitter accounts are excellent referral sources, but keeping your posts lively and interesting is the best way to attract followers.
  • Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile - Although LinkedIn accounts are based on professional resumes, yours need not be dull and generic. Enhance your profile with video, text, art, images and blogs.
  • Starting a LinkedIn Group - Social networks often put more of an emphasis on the social versus the networking, however, LinkedIn started out as a social network focused on professionals and business and has grown to be one of the top social networks in the country.