Overview of Twitter

For fast distribution of information and news via phone or computer, Twitter is among the best in the social media business. Refer to the articles here to learn Twitter basics, including account set-up, page branding and the art of "tweeting."

  • What is Twitter? - Twitter's model of quick texts and images via phone or computer is a great way for entrepreneurs to share news, updates and promotions with customers and colleagues.
  • Setting up a Twitter Account - The guide presented here goes through the Twitter account set-up process from beginning to end, with an emphasis on attracting followers.
  • Branding Your Twitter Page - To get the best results from your Twitter activity, brand your page with interesting background art, photos, logos and more.
  • Learning to Tweet - A "tweet" is simply a short message. Use announcements, re-tweets, responses and statements to spark conversations.
  • Building Your Twitter Following - A hefty following is a sure sign your "tweeting" is spot on. Attract fans with strategically placed information about you and your business.