1st Source Bank

Identity Theft Protection

Deluxe® Provent Identity Theft Protection Plans
To help you feel more secure about the safety of your personal information, 1st Source has partnered with Deluxe® to offer an identity theft protection plan. You know Deluxe®; you’ve used the checks they produce for years. 


What is identity theft?

Identity theft affects millions of consumers every year. It occurs when someone uses your financial or personal information without permission to open new accounts, take control of existing ones or make purchases with your identity.  
1st Source Identity Theft Protection powered by Deluxe® offers three customized packages to fit your needs... 
  • ID Protect - Includes proactive Internet monitoring of up to 14 personal identity points to ensure that your information is not exchanged online. Also includes identity restoration to help you recover your identity in the event that it is compromised. 
  • ID Protect Plus - Combines all of the features of ID Protect, along with the monitoring of one credit bureau to alert you to any changes in your credit report.
  • ID Protect Platinum - Includes ID Protect and the monitoring of all three credit bureaus to alert you to changes in your credit report. Also includes public record monitoring and emergency card assistance in case any of your cards are ever lost or stolen. 
Additionally, Deluxe® offers each of their services a la carte so you can pick which services are right for you.



Identity Theft Protection powered by Deluxe® is serviced by EZShieldSM, Inc. Additional identity theft protection products may be offered when enrolling for Identity Protection at an additional cost.