1st Source Bank

ATM Safety

Protect yourself from fraud at the ATM

Tips for Safe and Secure ATM Transactions
  • Memorize your PIN – never write it down or store it with your card(s).
  • Have your card and any checks or cash for deposit ready for your transaction when you approach the ATM.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and people nearby.
  • Avoid withdrawing large sums of cash and put your money and card away immediately.
  • Monitor your account daily through Online or Mobile Banking and report suspicious transactions to 1st Source.

What is ATM Skimming?
Skimming is an illegal activity that involves the installation of a device, usually undetectable by ATM users, that secretly records bank account data when the user inserts an ATM or debit card into the machine. Criminals can then encode the data onto a blank card and use it to loot the customer’s bank account.

Tips to Avoid Skimming
  • Choose an ATM that is familiar to you.
  • If something doesn’t look right with the ATM or if the keypad doesn’t feel securely attached, stop your transaction and inform the financial institution that operates the ATM and 1st Source.

What is the bank doing to protect my account from ATM skimming?
We take card skimming very seriously.
  • Our ATMs alert us if they suffer any tampering.
  • With Fraud Monitor, we analyze your debit and ATM card transactions 24 hours a day — if a suspicious transaction is found, then one of our fraud analysts will contact you to confirm the transaction and prevent loss.
  • We monitor both local and international fraud trends to make sure we are aware of the latest scamming developments.
Learn more about ATM Skimming at the Federal Bureau of Investigation website.