150 Years

1st Source clients, employees and shareholders,Chris Murphy
Strong. Stable. Local. Personal. Opened two weeks after the Gettysburg Address was delivered, 1st Source has literally grown up with the region, and never strayed from the ideals of our founders. We remain a local institution, embedded in the communities we serve and committed to the success of all who live and do business in them.
Since 1863, we have been committed to delivering personal service and providing guidance to our clients. We do this by being convenient, by providing straight talk and sound financial advice, and by always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind, while serving them in a very personal way. We have consistently focused on our communities, by giving back to help build good places to live, work and raise a family.
Companies are nothing more than the collective histories of the people who inhabit them. The values, the aspirations, the culture, the soul of the place are impacted by all who serve. This is truly the case at 1st Source and we are blessed to have had people build a wonderful legacy of integrity, commitment and service to others. We are committed to continuing that legacy.
We invite you to read this booklet for a glimpse of 1st Source’s rich and varied past. For those of you who have been colleagues, clients, or shareholders, thank you for your contribution to this legacy. It’s been a great 150 years and we believe the best is yet to come.
Christopher J. Murphy III
Chairman & CEO